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SMSR Gearbox Designing Complete – Industrial Approach

SMSR Gearbox Designing Complete – Industrial Approach

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About Course

Course Curriculum:
1. Gear Set Determination
• Realization of Space available
• Calculation of Pitch Circle Diameters of Gears
• Determination of Helix Angle, Module, Number of Teeth
• Calculation of Gear Ratio
2. Gear Profile Development
• Determination of Gear Blank Width
• Setting up equations of gear profile
• Making the gear profile
• Finishing with the gear development w.r.t. other gears
3. Housing Development
• Realization of Gear Centers
• Development of Hubs and Supports for Gears and Bearings
• Determination of Housing Final Shape and Sizes
4. Assembling of Components
• Placement of currently developed Gears and other Components
• Analysis of the proper functioning of components and interference detection
• Motion Analysis
5. Engineering Calculations
• Calculation of Service Factor and Design Power
• Calculation of Peak load
• Calculation of Output Speed and Torque
• Calculation of Life Expectancy viz-a-vizCooling Oil and Service Factor
6. Tweaking & Final Development
• Tweaking with currently assembled components for proper functioning and elimination of interference
• Development of other required components to comply with the assembly.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Practical knowledge of industry
  • Expertise to single handedly create SMSR Gearbox

Course Content

Creating the gears

  • Gear Info documents
  • 1. Learning Gears, Calculate Gear Ratio, Module, Pitch and Teeth
  • 2. Creating involute gear profile
  • 3. Creating Gears automatically through equations
  • 4. Create Helical Gear for given Helix Angle
  • 5. Adjusting Pitch Circle for Helix Angle

Adjustment to Gear Specs

Starting with the Final Specifications